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Praise for I Love Female Orgasm: An Extraordinary Orgasm Guide

"The book's combination of scientific know-how, chatty personal anecdotes, and abundant good humor strikes a tone that is simultaneously authoritative and dishy, making the book a pleasure to read."
-Bust magazine

"Savvy, funny, and chock-full of great information, this book is a treasure trove for all of us."
-Judy Norsigian and Heather Stephenson, co-authors of Our Bodies, Ourselves

"I ♥ Female Orgasm will take you from zero to O in no time flat! Reading it feels like having a slumber party with Dorian and Marshall, the cool friends who fill you in on everything sex ed failed to teach you."
-Tasha Walston, founder of VaginaPagina.com

"Women should put I ♥ Female Orgasm on their 'gotta have' list, and memorize it."
-Sue Johanson, RN, host, Talk Sex with Sue

"After a lifetime of celebrating and teaching about women's sexuality and orgasms, I'm thrilled to see Dorian and Marshall carry forward the message of positive sexuality for the next generation of women and men!"
-Betty Dodson, PhD, author of Sex for One and Orgasms for Two

"One of the most sex-positive, cheerful, and fun sex guides that I've seen in a long time. An amazing book!"
-Charlie Glickman, PhD, Education Program Manager, Good Vibrations

"Oh, yeah! Finally a book on female orgasm I can refer to my clients. This book hits all the right buttons."
-Chris Fariello, PhD, LMFT, director of the Institute for Sex Therapy

"Drawing on the authors' rich knowledge of sexuality and their willingness to learn from their audiences, this book has just the right mix of anecdotes, tips, expert advice, candor, and humor."
-Bill Taverner, Co-Founding Editor, American Journal of Sexuality Education

"One of the most inclusive, non-specifically queer sex books I've read."
-Catherine Plato, Associate Editor, Curve Magazine

"Respectful, authoritative, and brimming with fun facts and tasty tips for getting to the big O."
-Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland and co-author of Sex Toys 101

"While drug companies continue to try but fail to find a Viagra for women, Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller have written a book that offers more to help women experience sexual pleasure than any pill is ever likely to."
-Amy Allina, Program & Policy Director, National Women's Health Network

"A cutting edge, informative, and life-affirming book.  A must have for those who want to feel empowered and enlightened about their sexuality."
-P. Michele Sugg, MSW, LCSW, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

"I ♥ Female Orgasm will help singles and couples learn the best way to enjoy each other and themselves during foreplay and love making."
-Dr. Ruth Westheimer

"Dorian and Marshall's good-humored, no-nonsense book will change lives. These two are top-of-the-heap as far as our country's young sex educators are concerned."
-Carol Queen, Founding Director, Center for Sex & Culture, San Francisco

"I ♥ Female Orgasm is frank, specific, good spirited, and fun to read. A lot of men and women's sexual lives will improve after reading I ♥ Female Orgasm!"
-Pepper Schwartz, PhD, author of The Great Sex Weekend and Finding Your Perfect Match

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